Join Queer History Club

Serve as a Community Archivist

We need help collecting artifacts that are related to LGBTQ+ life in East Tennessee. A community archivist will take photos and video of events, clip newspaper articles on queer topics, pick up newsletters, brochures, etc., save e-newsletters and save websites. When it comes to all things queer, our motto is See it, Save it, Share it. Creating a community archive takes the entire community. We’d love to have your help.

Do an internship, practicum, or take our 1 credit class at UTK

Starting in Fall 2019, we began offering a 1 credit course in collaboration with the Department of Anthropology, and offering practicums in Information Sciences and Internships in History and WGS at UTK. We match students up with work in the archive that aligns with their interests and make sure that they get practical, hands-on experience. Some of the work that students have undertaken in previous semesters includes:

    • represented the project at events
    • archived social media and websites
    • scanned documents & photos
    • transcribed oral history interviews
    • served as a liaison to LGBTQ+ organizations
    • researched East TN LGBTQ+ history
    • created digital projects like timelines, storytelling, podcasts, maps, etc.
    • collected LGBTQ+ newspaper articles, flyers, posters, photos, etc.
    • conducted inventory of collections
    • shared about the project within their networks
    • provided tech support and real-time transcribing of our programs

Have other ideas? Let us know!
Students should contact Donna Braquet directly at