Your story is important. Your story is uniquely yours. Your story is part of the LGBTQ+ Community’s history. We would be honored to help facilitate your telling your story so that it can be preserved for generations to come.

We work with community members to make certain that they are able tell their stories in ways that they prefer best. If you don’t see an option below that best suits you, please get in touch with us to customize your storytelling experience.

Lifespan Oral History: Our co-director, Donna Braquet, will conduct an oral history interview with you in person* or via zoom. Our oral history interviews usually have the narrator tell their life story in regard to their being LGBTQ+. These lifespan oral histories usually take about an hour to 1.5 hours.

Event or Episodic Oral History: Our co-director will conduct an oral history interview with you in person* or via zoom. Event or Episode oral history interviews allow a narrator to tell a specific story related to being LGBTQ+. These oral histories can be a short as five minutes or as long as the narrator would like.

Record Your Own Story: You decide how, when, and where you want to tell your story. Record your story using your phone, computer, or digital recorder and then contact us to donate it to the archive. Please use apps that allow for WAV files.

Tell Your Own Story through Art or Media: You may want to tell your story by writing it, painting it, creating a song, or writing a poem. We love to have your story preserved in whichever format you feel is best suited for you.

Donate Your Personal Archive: If you have materials like newspaper clippings, newsletters, posters, flyers, t-shirts, buttons, letters, email correspondence, photos, videos, or other items, we would love to help preserve your history and stories by adding them to our archive.

Donate Specific Items: You do not have to have an entire archive and many boxes to be part of the project. Whether it’s a LGBTQ+ article in a local newspaper, or take a photo at a Pride parade, or have a poster of a LGBTQ+ event, or a screen capture of a LGBTQ+ website, we would love to add it to the archive. Building a community archive takes the entire community.

Create Your Own Personal Archive: We can provide supplies, workshops, and consultations on creating your own archive. If you ever get ready to donate your personal archive, we would be honored to preserve it. To learn more about what we can provide, please visit our Archive in a Box page.





*Due to Covid, we are not holding in-person interviews. We would love to talk with you via Zoom or contact us to be put on our waiting list for when it is safe to gather again.