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Share Your Story

We want this community archive to represent all members of the LGBTQ+ community. That means hearing from everyone. You do not have to be an activist or well-known leader. Everyone who has lived in East Tennessee and identifies as LGBTQ+ contributes to our history and culture.

Your story is important!
Your story is wanted!
Your story is needed!

There are several ways that you can share your story, including recording a short story on the topics below or requesting an in-depth oral history interview with us. You can also send us pre-recorded stories, photographs, videos, art, music, or other memorabilia related to your life as a LGBTQ+ person.

Make history with us! Click the topics below to record a session.

Donate Memorabilia

Do you have memorabilia or other objects related to LGBTQ+ history in East Tennessee? Consider donating them to our archive so that they can be preserved and shared with others for years to come. If you are not ready to part with your items just yet, we may be able to scan or photograph them. You can also provide an advanced plan in your will that will make sure that your legacy is gifted to the archive.