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Established: at least 1976
Closed: December 31, 2013
Location: 1501 White Ave, Knoxville, TN
Operators: Charles Allred

A wonderful history of The Carousel is being written by Samuel Lowe on Facebook. The following facts were compiled by reading articles in Knoxville News Sentinel: The Carousel sponsored the first Gay Pride week in Knoxville in 1977 (KNS, July 3, 1977). The Carousel we mentioned in an article on July 24, 1977 for breaking liquor laws (p.1). On August 13, 1977, The Carousel’s operator, Charles Allred plead guilty to tax evasion from selling liquor at the club (KNS, p. 1). On December 8, 1977, Robert B. Allen was beaten and robbed while leaving The Carousel (KNS, p. 4). Carousel performer Francine Wilson (Frank Wilson) was found dead in his home (KNS, September 27, 1991, p. A2; November 6, 1991, A3).

Knoxville News Sentinel, February 8, 1979